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Grain storage strategy is strengthened, it is imperative to

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With the continuous development of overseas epidemics, the inflection point has not yet appeared. Under the circumstance of uncertain prevention and control effects, China is facing a more complicated and severe risk of importing overseas cases; once the global epidemic continues to develop, China will be ready to initiate an internal cycle of economic independence. Relying on foreign markets, making every effort to strengthen self-production and sales, fully guaranteeing domestic demand, and maintaining the needs of normal life and production, China's economy can operate normally, provided that a package of policies is needed as a guide and support, and it can move forward steadily.
When the global economic system collapsed and production activities basically ceased, the billions of people on the planet need to survive. China is a responsible and responsible country that upholds the obligations of internationalism. It should provide the people all over the world with the most basic living security and avoid large-scale starvation due to lack of supplies. Therefore, we first need to consolidate domestic resources and do a good job of "foreign aid" reserves under the premise of "stabilizing domestic resources."
Advance preparation:
1. Do a good job in building warehouses and cold storage shelves;
2. Develop shelf protection measures to prevent errors from causing shelf instability;
3. Check and replenish strategic reserves to ensure that the rations of the people across the country are worry-free;
4. Make overall arrangements for this year's staple food production and the total production of meat, eggs, poultry, fish, milk, and vegetables;
5. Arrange in advance the raw material reserves and continuous supply of overseas minerals, energy, and agricultural products;
The local government needs to open up a fruit, vegetable, meat and egg base nearby. At that time, a large amount of fruit, vegetable, meat and eggs will be hoarded. Because it is inconvenient to store for a long time, the demand is extremely huge. Almost all rely on Chinese imports, by then, these non-staple foods will be extremely scarce. Therefore, storage shelves must be selected well! In addition to overall coordination at the national level, each city should, based on its own conditions, open up production bases nearby to ease the local gap as much as possible, and reduce the pressure on the production, supply and transportation of non-staple food.
Selection of shelves:
1. Drive-in racking is a continuous whole building rack that is not divided by aisles. On the supporting rails, the trays are stored in the depth direction, one after the other, which makes high-density storage possible.
2. The shuttle racking system is a high-density storage system composed of racks, trolleys and forklifts. This efficient storage method is to improve the utilization of warehouse space and bring customers a new storage choice
3. Beam type shelves are the most common in various domestic storage rack systems. It is not only suitable for many kinds of small quantities of goods, but also suitable for small kinds of large quantities of goods.
4. The shelf operation mode is flexible, and the storage and retrieval mode of the goods can be first in, first out or first in last out. Both the counterweight and the reach forklift can easily access the goods. Due to the high storage density of the shelf, the overall investment cost is relatively low; it is suitable for the situation where there are fewer varieties, large quantities, and the access mode of the goods can be predetermined. It is often used to store large quantities of the same type of goods, which is very suitable for storing large quantities. Varieties of fruits, vegetables, meat and eggs.
Because of its high storage density and high utilization of ground space, it is often used in cold storage and other places with high storage space costs. Corridor shelves are very suitable for storage applications that have a small variety of goods but a large storage capacity. Forklifts can freely enter and exit the corridors between the shelves to maximize the use of the warehouse.
We must make appropriate reserves in advance to provide a certain degree of buffer time for ourselves and the country, so as to avoid unnecessary emergencies and anxiety for the people, and not to affect their basic lives. This is called planning ahead and not fighting unprepared battles. Or do what Chairman Mao said: "Prepare for war, prepare for famine, and serve the people."


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