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Fire prevention in warehouses -- that's enough to keep in mi

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Warehouse is the place where the goods are stored centrally, some goods are inflammable and explosive, once the fire not only causes losses to the goods economy, but also a check of fire control fail to pass but also face huge fines, so do a good job in the warehouse fire safety work, reduce fire hazards, has extremely important significance            


The cause of the fire in the warehouse

Warehouse management chaos: there are disorderly build, disorderly put, and some unauthorized change of fire partition, fire spacing phenomenon, fire facilities are not complete, no regular inspection of the warehouse, workers smoke in the warehouse, it is easy to cause fire hazards.               

    Workers are not responsible for their work: cutting next to inflammable and explosive goods causes sparks to ignite the goods, and unauthorized operation causes ignition sources          

    Improper storage of dangerous goods: there is no classified storage in the warehouse of dangerous goods and chemical goods, and they are all piled together to produce chemical reaction and trigger explosion, spontaneous combustion, etc. In addition, there may also be poor heat dissipation, humidity in the warehouse, and non-standard stacking.             

Poor management of lighting equipment: aging of lighting fixtures in the warehouse, illegal installation of lighting fixtures and use of high temperature lamps cause the lamps to fall off and the lamps to be in high temperature. After use, the lamps are not turned off, which leads to fire.           


Fire protection requirements for warehouses

1. During the design and construction of the warehouse, the construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the fire control technical specifications and standards, and shall be prepared against dampness and moisture according to the nature of goods stored in the warehouse, and shall be equipped with automatic fire extinguishing facilities according to smoke alarms, so as to solve the possibility of fire from the source and control the development of fire


2. The warehouse shall designate a person responsible for fire safety among the legal representatives and administrative leaders.Responsible person, arrange organization to study fire control laws and regulations, conduct fire control publicity and training for employees, improve their safety quality, regularly carry out fire control inspection, and eliminate fire hazards                  

3. The warehouse manager shall be familiar with the classification, nature, storage business knowledge and fire control safety system of stored goods, master the operation, use and maintenance methods of fire control equipment, establish and strictly implement the night duty and training system, and the shift leader shall carefully inspect and supervise the implementation         




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