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The importance of storage shelves to the warehouse

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A warehouse is a warehouse where the goods are stored together. It is usually difficult to collect the goods manually, so it takes time to find the needed goods, which will cost too much manpower. What are the advantages of storage shelves?



Increase warehouse storage capacity


    A good shelf virtually increases the stacking capacity of goods, improves the space utilization of the whole warehouse, and increases the storage capacity of the warehouse virtually. The density of shelves and the convenience of structure can both improve the storage capacity of the warehouse.


Easy access to goods


    Shelf structure can affect the convenience of storage and storage of goods, as long as the shelf width design is reasonable, not only can store more goods, but also greatly save the storage and storage time of goods



Improve the storage safety of goods


    To improve the safety of goods is not only to be placed, but also to meet certain requirements in the storage environment. If the storage environment is quite humid, there will be safety problems in wood and paper goods, which requires easy ventilation in the design of the shelves.For example, when storing red wine, the temperature should not be hot. When the shelf is slightly shaken, the chassis can be stabilized. Different shelves correspond to different types of goods stored



The key to speed up the circulation of goods and save circulation cost


    Although the goods are in a static state when they are stored in the warehouse, which will increase the time cost and financial cost, on the whole, it will not bring the time loss and financial cost increase, on the contrary, it can help speed up the circulation and save the operation cost




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