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How to keep the warehouse damp in damp weather

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Every year there are a lot of typhoons, typhoons come with moisture, wet environment will affect the shelf life, then how should we do warehouse moisture-proof preparation?




    Moistureproof in the warehouse can not only prolong the service time of the shelves, but also keep the goods dry and avoid mildew. If the warehouse does not carry out moistureproof work, then the loss is huge for us, so please prepare for the moistureproof in the warehouse:



Warehouse moistureproof
 Prevent shelves from rusting

     The surface of the shelf will usually be able to spray some moistureproof paint, to prevent the shelves on the surface of the water lead to surface rust, but not have the painting is quite safe, some shelf life is longer, the surface paint falls off oxidation, warehouse at this time in the wet state, the tiny drops of water in the air could easily lead to shelves rust, in the absence of use of mechanical ventilation, always pay attention to the shelf surface is wet, remember if wet cloth to wipe off water.

 Ventilated warehouse

    When the warehouse is in a humid environment, natural ventilation should be maintained, and mechanical ventilation can be adopted when conditions do not permit.When the humidity in the warehouse is more than 15 degrees higher than the humidity outside the warehouse, the ventilation window and slot should be opened in time for ventilation. Otherwise, the warehouse must be closed

 Don't stack the goods too densely

    Carton goods should not be stacked too close, should be as loose as possible, if too close, air convection will be severely limited, moist air for a long time to gather does not come loose very easy to mold.

 Use a dry rag and a dry mop

    The warehouse is damp and there is too much moisture in the air. If you wipe the shelves and mop the floor with a wet cloth at this time, it will be easy to get wet twice, so use dry cloth and mop as much as possible


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