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Select the points you need to know about storage shelves

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When many bosses choose to buy shelves, they find that some shelves in their warehouses can't fit at all, or some other reasons lead to the mismatch between the shelves and the warehouses. At this time, it takes time and energy, so what do we need to know when choosing the shelves?


Warehouse structure


At the time of purchase storage shelves, we first need to consider is the strength of the ceiling height, the ground of the warehouse, warehouse height decide the height of the storage shelves, ground stress can affect the shelf configuration, also need to consider the lighting equipment and the installation of fire protection equipment, because the layout of the warehouse directly affect the shelves of the installation and use
Dimensions of goods


Often, some stores do not know the size of the goods they want to store, so the goods cannot be placed on the shelves.The shape and size of storage goods directly affect the selection of shelf specifications, the weight of storage goods directly affect the choice of which kind of strength of storage shelves.When making storage shelves, we should consider not only the current storage capacity, but also the growth demand in the next two years.These can require the shelf factory to give some professional advice before the design


When designing storage shelves, we should also consider the storage and storage of goods.At present, there are only two kinds of goods access, one is manual access, the other is mechanical storage (such as forklift, lift, etc.).If the forklift is used for loading and unloading, the size of the passage should also be considered, because generally, the higher the forklift is used for loading and unloading, the larger the turning radius will be.
The quantity in and out of the warehouse


The quantity of goods in and out, the order of goods in and out, the frequency of access and the quantity of goods are the factors that must be considered when designing the storage rack



Dimensions of goods


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