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The type of shelf used in cold room storage

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      Cold room storage construction and maintenance costs are high, the shelf system in the cold storage of the overall planning and layout is extremely important to improve the utilization of cold storage and reduce the cost of cold storage construction has played a crucial role. The following Trywin Racking will be a few common cold storage shelves: through-type shelves, shuttle-type shelves, push-type shelves, double-depth shelves, narrow roadway shelves out for comparison.
1, through the type of shelf
      Also called into the shelf. Low investment costs, the shelf channel and forklift operating channel, warehouse area and space utilization is high, the stock is larger. In the same channel within the shelf for storing large quantities, less varieties, access to the library of low-frequency items, or the same channel within the same batch of items out of the library, is a typical advanced out. When the variety is more and each species stock is not large, it is not suitable for use through through the shelf.
2, shuttle car shelves:
       Type in the entry-type shelves, can be used with the shuttle, the shelf channel and storage equipment (shuttle) operating channel unity, the forklift only at both ends of the shelf to the goods loading and unloading, by the shuttle car from the storage Shipped to the end of the library. To meet the requirements of the first-in first-out, the forklift does not need access to the channel of goods, high security, operating efficiency than the entry-type high shelf.
3, push the shelf:
      Focusing on the advantages of entry-shelf and gravity shelves. Forklift through the push to complete the storage operations, only need to work in front of the Guangzhou shelf for the first-in first-out storage. Stock is large, both suitable for storage-based, but also for logistics operations more frequent cold storage, logistics operations more efficient.
4, double deep shelf:
       Type beam tray, but in the depth of the shelves can store two positions. In the same space within a small part of the channel, can increase the amount of storage, advanced backward, the need to use the high price of double deep forklift.
5, narrow roadway shelf:
      The use of narrow roadway forklift (three-way forklift) in the narrow roadway to the narrow side of the shelves to store, take the tray goods. The forklift forklift fork has three-way rotation and side-shift function, so in the channel to mention the tray goods when the forklift does not need right-angle transformation, forklift operating channel generally only 1300, the shelf height can be done 15m. Therefore, the warehouse area, the highest space utilization
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