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10 years of storage design experience

Tailor-made to suit your warehousing plan, maximize your warehousing space and warehousing efficiency

Strong manufacturers, high-quality materials

With an annual output of 600,000 tons, delivered on time, we firmly choose the national standard Q235B high-quality steel

Product development and safety testing

After the production of storage shelves is completed, it must go through a comprehensive factory safety bearing test

Intimate after-sales service

Plan storage solutions for more than 3,000 companies, provide shelf life-long maintenance services, highly recognized




Guangzhou TryWin Racking Co., Ltd. is located in Pan Yu District, Guangzhou City. The company is committed to provide customer with professional automation, semi-automatic transportation, storage system design, logistics system planning consulting, information systems development, automated logistics equipment, logistics and distribution center system integration, logistics system maintenance and maintenance, supply chain management and supporting services. Our company has three manufacturing bases, the first one located in Pan yu District ,Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province (automated transmi...



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    The type of shelf used in cold room storage, It plays a vital role in improving the utilization rate of cold storage and ...

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